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couchprojects » USC Scientist Cracks Mysterious “Copiale Cipher”

USC Scientist Cracks Mysterious “Copiale Cipher”

January 31, 2012 at 9:35 am
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A passage:

The master sign or “five items of the lodge” consists in this: one joins his right leg to the other’s right leg, in such a way that the legs are parallel, although inverted, and come closely together, and the left cheeks are close together. The left hands are placed, still closed, on the back of the other, but the right hand is given in such a way that one closes with the thumb and the baby finger the index finger and the middle finger of the other’s hand. When performing this grasp, one whispers silently Macbenah or simply M in the ear of the other.

(from “Rite Hand In” – Hapers – January 2012)

Interview with Information Scientist Kevin Knight.

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